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 Commercial Real Estate  

My  name is Ron Channels, The Office Space Specialist.  My specialty is  exclusively representing mid-size companies throughout Southern  California; restructuring and negotiating commercial real estate office  leases against the Landlords, ensuring zero conflict of interest.  

When  negotiating commercial office leases, many tenants believe that working  directly with the landlord will save them more money since the landlord  won’t have to pay an outside broker commission.  This is false, the  truth is if you plan on working directly with the landlord, plan on  paying higher rental rents, operating expenses and obtain less rent  concessions.  The landlord is in business to make money, not to reduce  you’re rent.  In addition, the landlord’s agents are always looking out for  their landlords’ best interest, not yours.  

When you hire  The Office Space Specialist, I’m constantly looking out for the  your best interest, not the Landlords.   My job is to make the landlords work and  compete for your business.  Obtain more aggressive rent concessions such as lower  rental rates, free rent, operating expense protection, moving/furniture  allowances, tenant improvement to build out your office space, free architects, etc.  As  your tenant advocate, my goal is to create value and save you thousands  of dollars in rent.

Best of all, The Landlord pays my fees, never the Tenant!!!

Construction Management:  Working  with the landlord and their architects, we can design and build out  your office space requirement based upon your specification, anything  from the number of offices, conference rooms, receptions counter,  kitchen, large open area, new paint, carpet and other desired floor  covering, color of carpets, paint, which are all paid by the landlord.​

Lease Audit & Admin Services:  Very  important, before our clients sign their leases, we provide a thorough  lease analysis by going over the lease with a fine-tooth comb to ensure  you’re not paying more than you should be.   We are also open to working  with your attorney to confirm the leases are correct.  

Operating Expenses:  Throughout  Southern California, many commercial real estate tenants are being  overcharged millions of dollars in operating expenses every year. The  worst part: Many of them don’t even realize it.  Rent Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Office Lease
We  know firsthand how to rent commercial real estate and building systems  operate, how landlords defer or accelerate expenses, and what expenses  should be capitalized versus expenses. Unlike rental rates, operating  expenses can be subjective and very complicated to decode. We negotiate  to building in operating expense pass through protection into the  lease. 

Keeping in Touch:  In addition,  each year the landlord gives you a bill showing what is owed for  operating expense pass-throughs.  We have our clients send us a copy of  the letter which we review against the lease to confirm the  pass-throughs are correct. 

Free Lease Expiration Reminder:   Lease expiration dates are easily forgotten, every client we services,  we are also constantly in touch with long after negotiating the lease.   12 to 18 months before your office lease expires, we will be contacting  you directly to setup a game plan for your next commercial real estate  transaction.  By starting the lease process early, we are able to keep  the leverage on your side and obtain he most aggressive deal possible  from the landlord. 

My Promise

 My promise is to delivery excellent customer service is everything.   I  pride myself on walking my clients step-by-step and supporting them  through the process of renegotiation or restructuring their commercial  office lease.  I am passionate about protecting my clients interest and getting  them the best possible lease terms. I have past clients that attempted  to renegotiate their own leases directly with the landlord and then  worked with me and realized very quickly all of the benefits of having  representation as a tenant: months of free rent, lower rental rates and  other concessions.